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odbMaker – Program for creating TTQV-compatible Geo Names databases

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The internal geo names databases of Touratech TTQV are really usefull for planning routes. Unfortunatly TTQV provides no functionality to edit or update the geo names database.I created a windows tool, that converts Geo Names data from NGA  to TTQV compatible Geo Names Databases. You can download this tool, named odbMaker, at this location: […]


.NET Transliteration API Project

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I’m thinking of initializing an .NET API project with the goal to provide Transliteration Services within the .NET framework. The class libraries are basically already done (see details below), but there’s still a lot of work to do. Who wants to help on this project? I need people having background information about languages that can […]

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Transaction exception while using ADO.NET entities

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The following ADO.NET code will throw following exception “New transaction is not allowed because there are other threads running in the session.”: The exception occurs because the foreach loop opens an transaction to query the order entities. The transaction stays open until the end of the loop is reached. To avoid this exception, just use […]


Reopening model in ADO.NET entity designer impossible?

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The designer of the ADO.NET entity framework seems to be in very early stadium. One of its known bugs is the reopening issue, which means, if the designer was once openend and closed, it isn’t possible to re-open the model again in the designer view. Double clicking the .edmx file will take no effect. One  […]


Deep Cloning/Copying of ADO.NET Entity Objects

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This is my first post on Today I was experimenting with the ADO.NET Entity Framework and I was really surprised of the lack of support for cloning entity objects. After doing some research in the Internet I finally figured out that this feature might be added in the next release of .NET. However, this […]